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Electronic repairs and custom engineering projects

Repair. Create. Automate
Your partner in professional and industrial electronics

What we do

We repair machines, equipment and printed circuit boards

Our Services

We offer our services to the commercial, residential and industrial market.

Close-up of an iron motor from home cooling fan and testind tools lies on a table in workshop. The concept of repair and restoration of damaged equipment

General repairs

Most suppliers do not repair defective printed circuit boards. They at most offer expensive replacement parts or advise you to buy a new device. At techtrail, we repair your defective printed circuit board or machine at the component level.

Machine refurbishing

Need a new frequency regulator on your existing machines? Recabling or a new control panel. We provide a solution for your project.

Custom electrical and electronic projects

Need help with an electrical or electronic project or prototype? Our team is ready to assist you.

How we work

You contact us through our web form, email or telephone.

Based on your problem description, we determine if your request can be handled by us.

Next, we come to the location, you bring it in or send it by post.

We perform an initial fault diagnosis. Then we determine if parts are needed or not. After this, you will receive a transparent cost estimate for the repair.

Each repair is thoroughly tested. We then come to install it, you pick it up or we send it by post.

Why choose Techtrail?

Excellent communication.

We are transparent throughout the repair process. You are always informed about the state of your repair and the estimated cost.

Quality repair

We always perform a thorough diagnosis and repair at the component level if possible.

All makes and models

We are not brand-bound. Every defect is welcome

quick service

There is no dawdling at Techtrail. Emergency repairs are always possible.

Technical expertise

Years of experience in the industry make us a multi-disciplinary team.

Satisfaction guaranteed

"Guaranteed satisfaction - Our repairs are always cheaper than buying a new product. However, if the device is beyond repair, we will help you find an alternative solution free of charge."